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Our youth division

Our aim is: fixing up the youth with practice in sailing, skills and seamanship.
This is achievd by dry runs, life practices and by having fun - because this is what matters: having fun on sailing sports. Getting the necessary skills of course includes teaching in theory, but this is done not so often - usually only if the weather's too bad.

So if you're interested in having fun on the water don't hesitate to contact the youth division manager by pühone or mail

...German knowledge is recommended of course...

Our youth division manager

Gerhard Beinlich
Tel.: +49 (0)171 3073396

mailto:youth manager


meeting times from
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
or other arrangement












...from 35 Jahren of SCNK... (for enlarging please click on photo)
Segelclub Nesskanal e.V.; Rüschweg 20; 21129 Hamburg; Germany